Matthew Pearce

Matthew Pearce has lived in Northamptonshire all his life. After completing his A-levels and turning down a place at university at the last minute, Matt has worked hard within every job he has undertaken, striving to excel, but also hoping to find a spark along the way. It took thirteen years, shifting between numerous career paths, but Matt finally found what he was truly passionate about.

“I love to write. Pen on paper, turning my thoughts and dreams into words on a page. Seeing the reaction, the impact that those words have on others. There is nothing quite like it”.

Matt has now finished his first book; ADAM – FEAR, the first in a series of epic thriller novels, and is tirelessly working on the second.

Husband, father and step-father, Matt holds an array of interests including, but not limited to, spending time with his family, running, losing himself in a good television series, film or book, gardening, games nights with his friends, and of course, writing.

Matt is active on social media, including Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Ellie Simms

Ellie brings you a fast-paced trilogy with well-developed characters that take you on a real emotional journey. Phoenix, her first book of the series, is full of suspense, erotica and romance. Ellie lives in Northampton with her husband and two children.